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Case Study: Enfants Terribles

This isn't happening to me, but to a friend of mine. Let's call her R.

R graduated from university last year (with a first no less), and wanted a year out doing work to earn some money before returning to get a further qualification under her belt. Now, she was looking for somewhere to live, and eventually wound up in a place with 4 people she didn't know; they were looking for a fifth person to make good on the contract and she needed a roof over her head so it all fitted quite well.

That was then. Now R has realised just how horrible these people are. And they are vile to her. Any time she starts speaking they put their fingers in their ears. They've told her to never give an opinion on anything. The four of them knew each other as it was, so is that what she was to them? Some kind of body to up the numbers to make good on rent payments? If it were for good reason then fair enough, but from what I see there is none; she's a sweet and lovely girl, and my housemate lived with her last year so it's hardly a fractation on that front. No, she's living with a bunch of idiots with the mentality and behaviour of a bunch of seven-year-olds (seriously, WTF is with the fingers in ears thing? They even do it when other people are around, for fuck's sake). And it's depressing her a lot. She's spending more and more time out the house, crashing at ours quite frequently (which I don't mind; like I say she's a lovely person who actually cleans up after herself and listens to what other people have to say with consideration). Personally I think she's great, and without a doubt a better person than all of those other folk.

She's moving in with us next year and frankly I don't think it can come soon enough, because it's getting to me just how badly they're treating her.I sincerely cannot believe anybody can be that bloody rude. And if they did that to me I'd kick their asses. I'm good at being hard to ignore. So if any of these people would just happen to come accross this site, I would just like to say you suck at life on every level, and deserve to have your heads ripped off whilst you sleep. Good day all.

(Yeah, I figured it was about time I put a rant in here. :P )
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